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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 6, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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center city philadelphia is a busy place, with lots of traffic but for two full days and parts of the two others in
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late september, that is going to change. pope francis is coming to town, and major arteries, are shutting down. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the plan to turn whole neighborhood and major highways into traffic free zones. mayor michael nutter put it this way. >> be prepared to walk, at least a few miles or more depending on where you are and where you are trying to go. private vehicles will really not be a viable option on the weekend in center city. >> and here's why, everything highlighted on this map will be what the city is calling a traffic box. residents will be able to drive within the border but once you leave, you cannot come back. septa buses and trolleys will not be operating inside. this all goes into effect friday september 25th at 6:00 p.m. the northern boundary starts at delaware avenue along spring garden up ridge to girard. south street is cut off line
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on the south end. then at 10:00 p.m. that night restrictions take effect in portions of university city and west philadelphia. that is from powellton avenue to the north between 32nd and 38th, down university to grays ferry, on the western and southern boundaries. and the impact will be felt much further up. as major highways will be shut down for the papal visit. the entire lane of the vine street expressway, i676 will be closed starting at ten p.m. friday night. widening out to the schuylkill expressway, 76 eastbound will be shut down from the blue route, 476, all the way to i-95. westbound 76 will be closed from i-95 to u.s. one, the roosevelt extension. finally city after new will be block off between lancaster avenue and belmont avenue, because the pope will be staying at saint charles seminary in that area.
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i-95, will stay opened, throughout all of this. however, ben franklin bridge will not be opened to the vehicular traffic. the closure goes into effect from 10:00p m friday, until noon time on monday the the 28th. officials say people will be allowed to walk across but remember, the span is almost 2 n bridge and other bridge's cross the delaware river will stay open for commuters who need to get between new jersey and pennsylvania. mayor michael nutter says he realizes this will all be a challenge but he says it is also an opportunity to put the city on the world stage and he says it is a true privilege to host the pope. >> the vatican looked all over the world and the united states, and they chose our city for this event. we will be ready. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live at 19th and callowhill in
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spring garden in philadelphia annie that is one of the boxed in neighborhood. what are folks there saying about these restrictions. >> reporter: well, lot of mixed reviews, jim. of course mayor again saying that everyone should embrace this. now all this is new information, everybody is still processing it. business owners, residents and people who want to come see the pope at least have an idea of what the plans are so they can begin making their arrangements. >> we have devised a plan where we will have sleep overs. >> reporter: owners of eat a pit a are getting creative. they necessity masses will get hungry and need to keep his 12th and sansom location staffed. his business is located inside the traffic box and that means leaving the city to head out will be tough. >> we are shopping two or three or four times a week but we may to have get as much product as we can to do our best not to run out. >> reporter: parking garages could see less traffic since no vehicles can enter friday
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evening through monday, of that week even. >> you know, it will be taking a big shot of our business. >> reporter: in fairmount robber, might get a great view of the pope but getting in or out. >> that definitely will change my plans. >> reporter: riding a bike or walking could be the the best way to go, septa has limited options too, many people, are relying on understanding bosses, or just embracing the closures. >> do you think your employer will have leniency that week knowing that the pope is in town. >> i think so. we have had meetings about it and we are trying to prepare as best as we can. >> i'm really looking forward to that weekend, the excitement of it all and i figured if it keeps me housebound or whatever for that weekend i'm fine witt. >> reporter: and during that press conference today mayor michael nutter did say he has had ongoing outreach with local businesses, of course, this is again a lot of information. we have all of the details on our web site at six if you want to head there before making your arrangements.
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reporting live from spring garden annie mccormack for channel six "action news". let's drive home that point, annie. we necessity there are closures and traffic restrictions. you may want another look or two or three, that is why we have listed all of the specifics at six a we also have the full public itinerary for the the pope's visit, additional content in our continuing coverage, so to get latest, details right as they are announced we have a special twitter account as well, you can follow at six abc pope. there is other news tonight, a body has been discovered in the area near where an 11 year-old boy disappeared. marine units found body along darby creek in folcroft, delaware county 2:59:30 this afternoon. laquan lattimore was last seen on monday have afternoon, riding his bike. sources tell "action news" that the victim found today was wearing nike athletic shorts, similar to those that
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lattimore was wearing. police in bucks county says a man stabbed his fatter with a sword because he thought his dad was controlling his mind. investigators say 26 year-old eli goodrich killed allen goodrich last night inside of their langhorne home. eli's mother june told police that the stabbing was intentional. eli goodrich was supposed to be married this month. "action news" has confirmed that pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will be charged with serious criminal offenses. charges could be filed as soon as tomorrow. kane allegedly leak secret grand jury information to a reporter, in an effort to retaliate against a former aid. charges against kane could include perjury and obstruction of justice. youth football team from the frankford section of philadelphia will need the the community to rally behind it this year. that is because the team has been penalized by the cruel acts of thieves. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story.
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>> reporter: meet this years progress of the frankford charges football team. last year they celebrated an undefeated season and won 2014 american youth football national championship in florida. is there a long proud tradition here at the field. this is where eagles football team began as frankford yellow jackets. but, twice this week as they began to kick off the season state representative jason dawkins who helps run the league says vandals broke in the concession stand and equipment storage shed. >> this was an indication that it was someone older than children. they did a real number on these doors. >> reporter: for a while they have had these overseas contain tours store all of their baseball equipment which over the the years people have tried to break into without any success. unfortunately, they didn't have one of these to store their football equipment. >> this is equipment that we got donated maybe about two months ago from the eagles
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foundation and a few of our guys went down there they pick this stuff up. this is equipment. >> reporter: helmets, shoulder pad and other gear was taken which explains were some kids were practicing without the gear and others were. >> we have children that we are trying to serve and a lot of children will go without equipment. >> reporter: as you may imagine parents and their kids are disheartened by the thefts. >> it is discouraging. we try to give kid something positive to do and they are work ago begins us. >> i told my sonny said you will go out there. they stole your equipment but they didn't steel your strength, your spirit, and go out there and do the best you can. we will try to replace everything that was lost. >> reporter: with that kind of spirit is no wonder that the frankford chargers are defending champions in the american youth football league n frankford, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". bucks county fire fighter is on the helped tonight after getting kit while baddeling a house fire. smokey blaze in the 1,000 block of bridge town pike in
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northampton. fire broke out at 7:30 and burned through the roof. fire fighters were able to ventilate the house and extinguish the blaze, within a half an hour. there has yet been another movie theater attack. this time, in nashville, tennessee. and it happened just two weeks after one in lafayette, louisiana a. today's incident caused three minor injuries but a swat team came in and killed the the gun man. "action news"'s monica malpass is here with all of the details. >> reporter: jim, that is right, police jumped in to action after they got a call at 1:00 p.m. that a man was trying to pepper spray and assault people in the movie theater. obviously it left movie goers on edge since it comes on the heels of the other attack in louisiana that left two dead and nine hurt. it happened here at the hickory hallow cinema during a showing of mad max: fury road. only eight people were in the theater but one turnout to be 29 year-old vincent david mantano who went on attack.
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>> i'm eternally grateful, excuse me, for the metro police department for their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured other than the person who did this. >> reporter: the suspect had a hatchet, a fake bomb, pepper spray, and a fake gun. >> and armed with a weapon that strongly resembled a semiautomatic pistol but as we now know after examination it is an air soft gun. >> so far we have only treated three patients, for pepper spray exposure. we believe at this point that the pepper spray came from the assailant. >> reporter: movie goers called 911 and once minute a swat team surrounded the back door with the suspect trying to flee, they killed him, sound of gunfire was unmistakable. >> it was a lot of shots. it was coming from the side of the theater. >> reporter: scary scene. the suspect did have a history of mental illness and had been committed four times prior n word what set him off today. of course both incidents come in the wake of the trial in aurora colorado had stems from
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that movie theater shooting there in 2012. that suspect is still facing the death penalty for killing 12 people and wounding 70. just a bad pattern. very scarry monica, thank you. the superintendent of the kansas city school district heard from parents tonight about improving the schools, and how the schools are improving. a town hall meeting took place in cooper's point elementary school, some suggestions from parents included more staff, training and training for parents on the subject of the bullying. if you have any comments on this matter, the school district is also running a survey on line. olde city, in philadelphia is getting a flashy new comer in the neighborhood. this is the bridge apartment complex destined for second and race, just a stone's throw from the ben franklin bridge and delaware waterfront. developers broke ground on the 17 story building, when finished, by early 2017, residential complex will have 146 rental units, contemporary
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look for this neighborhood. most apartments will range from 1900 to $3,500 a month. 10 percent will be mixed income affordable housing units under the cities new zoning code. still to come tonight we have learned when bill cosby will have to answer more questions under oath. the the wheels are turning in the case involving one of his new accusers. plus that sinking feeling in south jersey, you'll hear from a couple trying to find an escape hatch from this precarious situation, cecily. after eight straight days in the 90's, today's high 89 degrees. our heat wave is officially over. now i'm tracking below average temperatures and some rain for part of our area, i'll explain in the accu weather forecast. and maybe you ought to spices up your life, on health check tonight the key to a longer life might be turning up the heat, in your kitchen. ducis rodgers with the streaking phillies can they keep it up with the dodgers when "action news" continues tonight. ÷h,z/
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"action news" has learned that bill cosby will be deposed in october, in connection with one of the many sexual assault al-zawahirigation is a against him. judy hoff is suing cosby over an allege incident at the playboy mansion in 1974, when she was just, 15 years old. the statute have of limitations has, no application here, and because she was just 15 years old at the time. malaysia officials have confirmed that a piece of debris found thousands of miles away in the french island is from malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators made determination 515 days have after the flight vanished over the indian ocean. a piece from the boeing 777, called a flapper iron was discovered honorary union island last week.
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a lab in france will continue a probe, of the flapper iron looking for physical and chemical evidence. >> we will look for residue, explosive residue, puncture marks. so, hopefully we can rule out that there was some kind of an explosion. >> reunion island is an ocean away from the search area, however, it is consistent where they predict the wind and currents would carry floating debris. 239 people were on board, when the plane vanish. and it was this past april when we told but a family in florence, new jersey, who found themselves living in a very precarious place, at the top of the avalanche. tonight is there new information in the story of chris and lynn odell, the new jersey correspondent nora muchanic brings us up to date. >> reporter: talk about living on the edge, for almost four months now chris odell and his wife, lynn have been dealing with the landslide in their backyard and in neighbors, that is totally disrupted their lives. florence officials are
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permitting them to be in their front street home during the day but they cannot sleep there at night. >> we have been nomads since it started, constantly moving here and there, you know, staying with friend and family where ever we are offered. >> reporter: it was april when a leaky storm drain pipe is believed to have caused the collapse of the backyard, threatened to swallow two homes overlooking the the delaware river. burlington county has made an offer to pay market value for the houses. chris odell does in the want to share numbers but they have been packing boxes and a deal is close. >> we don't have a hard date for a closing day or anything like that right now but again, we need to hammer out details. >> it is bitter sweet. i'm looking forward to the conclusion and moving on with my life and at the same time, i do not want to leave my home. so, it is sad, tough. >> reporter: odell's says since the the county plug up the leaky storm drain the collapsing hill side has stabilized but gaping hole in the ground has become a tourist attraction of sorts. there is now a beach at the
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bottom created by 70 feet of earth, sliding in to the river. >> we had to post no trespassing signs. >> reporter: difficult few months for odells who are now house hunting. >> we are looking forward, instead of, you know, the the sky is falling kind of thing or cliff is falling however you want to look ate. >> reporter: deal isn't quite complete yet but odells are hoping by the time the leaves turn this year they will leave this all behind and start life all over again n florence, i'm nora muchanic for channel six "action news". well, health check at 11:00 variety may be the spice of life, well, spice may be an extension of life. a new study found spicy foods are linked to longevity. researchers examined diets of half million chinese people over seven years, and the most popular spice was hot chile peppers, previous research has linked key ingredient in chile called cap says inn with having anti oxidant and
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anti-inflammatory effects. they found fresh is better than dry. the author says this study is not enough to prompt change in diet especially in western cultures where many other factors are different from the chinese lifestyle. but if you like hot spicy foods, that might be a good fit. >> it can't hurt. we will be turning down the heat, in our weather, over the the next couple days. 89 degrees. heat wave is over. storm tracker six live double scan, is showing that we have rain free conditions, out there tonight, and action cam, taking a look in writ even house square tonight where it is a great night to make a go for a walk or if you don't have allergies open up windows let the the breeze blow in. it is pretty comfortable. philadelphia holding in at 80 degrees but it has dropped down to 68 in allentown. seventy-two in wilmington. sixty-eight in millville. seventy-three in trenton. seventy-seven in avalon. the pock necessary down to somewhat cool 54 degrees.
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the dew points show that a lot of our viewing areas dew points are below 60. little higher further to the south but that is generally a dry air mass for this time of the year at night. so we are in the clear, for about the next 24 hours. satellite six along with action radar that if we look across tennessee valley we can see rain developing. that is low pressure working to the east. the big question is how far north will it get? tomorrow the morning rush hour, shouldn't have any weather problems, it will be very comfortable, with sun, through some high thin cloud at 6:00 o'clock. 70 degrees by 8:00. seventy-two. as we head through the day tomorrow we will see more in the form of cloud cover as we head into the afternoon, and our high, slightly below normal. the normal high or average high for this time of the year is 87. we will be 84 degrees in philadelphia on thursday night into friday the big question is what wins out? high pressure or low pressure? this high pressure is strong enough that it will force that le pressure down to the south
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and most of that rain will miss us but if that high pressure weakens we will get cloud, and more rain, a little bit further north. computer models are having a tough time figuring out how far north that low pressure will get but future tracker is showing it is really a a matter of location. areas north of philadelphia likely high valley, berks county, likely will not see any rain at all. the best chance of steady, heavy rain will be across southern delaware and extreme southern new jersey. i think these numbers will change as we get closer to friday and that track becomes more certain. but areas north definitely better weather on friday, then areas to the south. down the shore tomorrow increasing cloud, a pleasant day, those temperatures in the the lower 80's, at the new jersey beach, delaware beaches, afternoon highs in the upper 70's. ocean temperature a comfortable 47. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, sun, high cloud, cloud increasing late in the day, high of 84 degrees. on friday those included thicken, rain south of
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philadelphia with a high of 82. no matter what happens on friday, saturday will be transition day, morning cloud giving way to afternoon sunshine 84. sunday looks spectacular, load of sunshine, low humidity, 86 degrees. we will keep that 86 degrees on monday and then heading in to tuesday we are looking at partly sunny skies 84 and wednesday some sun with a chance of a thunderstorm 48 degrees. notice next seven days every single day, below the normal high of 87 degrees. so getting into a cooling trend. >> everything seems to even out. >> it always does. >> yes. >> thanks, cecily. local media personalities took over citizens bank park for a quick softball game. game celebrated the 37th annual police athletic league night at the phillies. 200 pal children and teenagers were there and then stayed to watch phillies take on the dodgers. "action news" morning anchor matt o'donnell, investigative reporter wendy saltsman and sports a anchor jeff skversky
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phillies/dodgers, game two of their three game series. >> tough one tonight, jim. standings say they are last place team but their play ovulate suggest otherwise. phillies and dodgers tonight aaron harang works his way in a jam. two on for puig, three run home run to open scoring. three to nothing los angeles. the phillies bats are quiet much of the night, but gloves are working. miguel franco, how about this, bear handed pick up. at third he gets aj ellis. he is something else. four-one dodgers in the eighth. jeff francoeur a fan favorite these days. this is why. two run blast to pull phillies within one. but phillies lose four-three. they are still 13-four since the all-star break. word around baseball is phillies are actively trying to trade chase utley but teams would like to see him in games to determine if he is really
2:05 am
healthy. you the hi looks good again, in trenton playing for double a reading. he went three for four with an rbi and run scored. he will be ree rally with waited by the team. utley could come off dl sometime this week. >> i will consult with the phillies, i will get to the stadium, tomorrow morning ande what happens. nothing is set in stone. we will talk about it. we will make a plan from there. >> i have an idea what i will do. i have somewhat of a plan. he will get some playing time. he went play every day but he will get on playing time. how about nick williams, within of the prospects phillies got in the cole hamels trade, in that same game with utley williams goes, four for four, with two home runs and five runs scored.
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no eagles practice today but plenty of eagles talk here. bird need to find a way this season to replace jeremy maclin and his production. nelson ago who will air was drafted in the first round, 6-foot two receiver from u.s.c. but he is unproven at this level. agholor will have jordan matthews to learn from. math the isis coming off a terrific rookie season, 872 yards, eight touchdowns but he wants more. >> i think, everything is just room for improvement and always places to get better. it is just me wanting to get better as an individual for this team and correcting my mistakes. >> we have to push ourselves and make ourselves
2:09 am
comfortable. i look forward to every time i get in the huddle and take a lot of work. >> finally before phillies game tonight there was a police athletic league media softball game. media we are better at covering games, than playing them. look at this error. upon closer look that is six abc jeff skversky. jeff tells us, i reached out, he said he lost his glove, could not find one, searched the house, upside and down. he a had to bureau a glove, too small for his large hand. >> yeah, look at him. >> he said he lost it in the the lights. >> the lights weren't on. >> i know. >> jimmy kimmel live next on channel six, followed by night line, "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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